Branded Expense Apps for Your Enterprise

Use our receipt apps and services for your unique needs

Our system has been volume tested with hundreds of thousands of receipts and tens of thousands of users. Why go through all that effort when you can use customize and use our service ? Whatever your volume, simply plug into our back-end and get access to our secure service at a low cost.

Building custom mobile apps take up significant resources.

  • There are many platforms to develop for
  • Mobile platforms are evolving and compatibility can become an issue quickly
  • Apps rquire a lot of testing across networks and devices
  • Design and workflow issues need to be analyzed in detail
  • Backend services and server pieces are generally required
  • You need to make sure your app is not losing data - phones go in and out of network zones often

Off-the-shelf OCR libraries may convert your images to text but this data is raw and non-consumable by your applications.

  • This data must be extracted and interpreted field-by-field
  • Receipts come in many different sizes and shapes
  • Pictures of receipts are taken at different resolutions
  • Further, lighting conditions vary for every receipt
  • Additionally, there are a plethora of date and currency formats

Building a receipt processing back-end is no simple task. Don't tie up precious resources building it yourself!

We've designed the Hello Receipts™ to be as easy to use as possible.< /p>

  • You can customize our app for your enterprise
  • We can plug the data back into your data centers or a private cloud
  • Extract the fields you want
  • We can build integrations to match your needs

We extract the following fields from the receipt images submitted:

  • Merchant Name
  • Total Amount
  • Transaction Date
  • Payment Method
  • Total Taxes

Simply email us a receipt image. We'll process your receipt and return the results to your inbox in text format.

  1. Grab your phone and a receipt
  2. Snap a picture of the receipt
  3. Email it to

If you wish to use our API, please email us at


Hello Receipts™ is protected by industrial strength security. Your receipts are safe with us. We take your privacy very seriously.

You have options to determine data handling when choosing to use our enterprise API

  • Save your images on our server for future reference
  • This will allow you to recover an image based on the unique receipt identifier. You will still be able to delete the receipt at any time in the future.

  • Delete the image from our server but retain data after it's processed
  • This option removes the original receipt image from our server. However, you can retreive the data later using the unique receipt identifier.

  • Delete the image and associated data from our server after processing
  • This option removes the receipt image and all associated receipt data from our server. We will still maintain usage data for accounting and billing purposes.

Want to use Hello Receipts for your enterprise?

Expenses can be a snap

Apart from our back-end receipt-processing service, we can customize our volume-tested system for your applications.

  • iPhone and Android mobile applications
  • Interactive email application for receipt processing
  • Back-end receipt processing services
  • Secure back-office reporting and analytics
  • Secure role-based back-office receipt processing application

Every application has unique needs and we would love to chat to determine if we can help. We have extensive experience in partnerning with vendors, technology consulting firms, and the enterprise. For more information about Intelliware Software Development, please visit


Please contact us for more information.